Barajee Solihull Indian Restaurant Dickens Heath Branch



About barajee solihull

Barajee Solihull is a boutique bar and restaurant located in Dickens Heath. We are pleased to introduce our newest restaurant to the Rajnagar Group. Discover the taste of Barajee, an art deco fusion of modernity and sophistication.

Our menus come from the south Asian subcontinent, so you can expect the most mouth-watering and authentic dishes, especially with traditional Bangladeshi food concepts like exotic fish dishes. The menu is the same as when we began this journey. Among the many classic Indian and Bangladeshi dishes on our menu, there are also some very special dishes such as our Tandoori Sizzling specialties and Baltis that make us the heart of the “home of the Balti” city, Birmingham.

We have chefs who will create, season, and cook your food the way you prefer. You can also order takeout from us. We can deliver to your workplace, home, or if you are staying overnight in a hotel. Barajee Solihull serves the finest wines from around the world, including wines from India, France, New Zealand, Italy, Africa, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. It also features popular spirits and a range of cocktails.

A 46-seat, intimate restaurant offering the legendary cuisine developed by our founder Dr Miah since 1987, our unique menu features our diners’ favourite dishes made using the finest ingredients and our original recipes. We look forward to welcoming you to experience our culinary delights at Barajee Solihull in Dickens Heath.

Barajee Solihill Interior - Dickens Heath
Barajee Solihull Interior - Dickens Heath